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The collaboration of admirable design and authentic community.

shindig social is...

share truth that will tear down cultural lies

so that you and other women can walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ, together. Overall, we are a creative lifestyle and design company deeply rooted in Jesus and his design for community. 

What we do? From our made-to-order backdrop and custom design services to our blog (The Editorial) with categories like Social, Faith and Design  —

we exist to fight against social media isolation

by inspiring authentic social hangs that are as creative and fun in real life as they look online. We share design inspo to help you cultivate those social atmospheres and ultimately we

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Since then, my background lies in event design, event planning, e-commerce fashion and graphic design. 
Come 2020, God pressed a new vision on my heart to create Shindig Social. As much as I love design and have spent my career pursing it, I realize that no depth compares to standing in the love and overflow of Jesus Christ. Back in college, God put a vision on my heart to gather women together in the precious name of Jesus. Shindig Social was born as the collaboration of admirable design and authentic community. 

Hey! I'm Jessa, the girl behind the brand that is passionate about all things design and color theory. God knit creativity into my heart from the womb. With God being the most creative of all, I like to think that he shared just a pinch of his talent with me in order that I may be able to reflect a piece of his character.
My design career began at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA, where I earned my degree in Visual Communications.

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Jessa  Jones

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On a personal note, we met back in 3rd grade and were each other's first kiss. Our parents were both military, so in 6th grade we moved in different directions. In 7th grade, Jake prayed that I would be his wife. Over the years we lost touch, but come college, God weaved him back into my story and my heart. We started a long distance relationship per God's calling in Proverbs 3:5 and here we are 10 years later with a beautiful 4 year old daughter. God is so good, his plans, his timing, his nature. 

It may be "unprofessional" but this man deserves a callout, because although he doesn't have an official title, Shindig Social wouldn't exist without him. His support constantly pushes me in the direction of my dreams. From late night chats about all the things I dream to do, to the motivation to go and do it, He's been there for it all. His design opinions are top notch, his tech and web knowledge helps me all too often, his overall investment speaks volumes.

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