At first glance, we’re an event backdrop design company. Whether you’re planning a wedding, social, launch party, or conference – we’ve got a trendy backdrop to, quite literally, “set the stage!” We offer made-to-order, customizable backdrop designs that you can shop here as well and custom design services if you are looking for something more unique (more info on our custom design services here).

But we’re not just about designing and selling backdrops…

As much as I love design and have spent my career pursing it, I realize no depth compares to standing in the love and overflow of Jesus Christ. Back in college, God put a vision on my heart to gather women together in the precious name of Jesus. Shindig Social was born as the collaboration of admirable design and authentic community.

At our core, driving everything we do, is our love for Jesus and our love for others. The Editorial (our blog) exists as an online source inspiring you to live offline with categories like Faith, Social and Design.

Why Faith? At the deepest core, influencing all we do, is our love for Jesus. He overflows into every part of our lives and works to teardown cultural lies we may not even realize we have been influenced to believe. Our desire is to spread truth and inspire women to live in the freedom Christ offers us.

Why Social? Along with our love for Jesus, is our loves for others. This breeds our love and need for community. A community of women who inspire each other, build each other up, and influence each other to live wholly in the fullness of Christ. We’re trending against social media isolation by inspiring you with creative ideas for authentic social hangs that are as creative and fun in real life as they look online and challenging you to physically step away from social media platforms.

Why Design? Although it doesn’t compare to the value of knowing Christ and having community, it can be a powerful tool to help build community. The right design can create an atmosphere that cultivates relationship. And truly, whether realized or not, design is in every part of our life and everywhere we go, starting with our world, designed by God himself.

Let’s walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ, together. Sign up for The Social Club to get involved and receive:
• faith-grounding bible wisdom
• invites to upcoming socials and creative ideas to benefit your social life
• design inspo for the socialite – color palettes, event decor and styling tips


with love,
Jessa Jones

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