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Hi, I’m Jessa, the girl behind the brand that is passionate about all things design and color theory. My design career began at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA, where I earned my degree in Visual Communications. While in college, God placed a vision on my heart to gather women together in the precious name of Jesus.

Over the years, I’ve pursued my design career as I’ve waited on God’s timing to bring that vision to life. In the waiting, he prepared, revealed and continued to align my heart with his. In 2020, Shindig Social was created. Although it started as an event backdrop rental company, the vision to gather women together has always been the deeper root to our existence. For more on Shindig Social, please view the article #letsgetsocial.

If you didn’t guess by now, I am passionate about Faith, Social and Design.
Faith: My relationship with Jesus defines who I am as a person, what I prioritize in life, and the lifestyle that I live.
Social: I have a constant desire to be around inspiring people that are full of life; I am a socialite to the core and I think it was knit into my God-given character.
Design: Design has always been my career path of choice and has looked different in many seasons. My design background lies in creative direction, event design, event planning, e-commerce fashion, and graphic design. 

On a personal note, I have been married to my elementary school crush, Jake Jones, for almost 10 years. He has been my biggest support and best friend for many years longer than that. My favorite girl in the whole world is none other than Josie Jones, our five year old daughter. Being her mommy has changed my world in ways I can’t put into words and with it comes a deep sense of joy, wonder, and awe.

A few of my favorites:

Things: sunshine, candles, fresh blooms, sunsets, cozy blankets, arizona sunsets, dining al fresco, romantic comedies

Past Times: hanging out with my family, hosting friends, being romanced by my husband, corporate worship, home decor shopping and decorating, sunbathing, stargazing, getting dressed up, exploring new restaurants, paddle boarding

Fitness: hiking, evening walks, group fitness classes with my favorites being Orangetheory and Reformed Pilates

Favorite Tastes: Mexican cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, a glass of wine, home-popped popcorn, charcuterie

Sweet of choice: Trader Joe’s chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, Sprinkles cupcakes (banana flavored), Girl Scout Somoas and Thin Mints

Favorite place I have ever visited: Cinque Terre in Tuscany, Italy – it’s the perfect mix of hiking, ocean and city views, exploring the cities and wine/dining

Color: I don’t typically have a favorite color, but I do have a current favorite color palette (which most often includes the color blush). As of right now it is the mixture of lavender, blush and mellow yellow.

with love,
Jessa Jones

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